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How I Became an Artist

Lester Myricks
Lester Myricks

When I was a child my older brother and I would draw pictures. He was good and I tried to keep up with him. We would both draw a picture and take it to our mother who would pick her favorite. We never told her which picture belonged to whom, although in pondering it as an adult, I’m sure she knew.

Anyway, my brother’s drawing always won which didn’t go over well with me though I attempted to hide my disappointment. I was motivated to get better so that one day my picture would be picked as the favorite. I sketched, sketched, and sketched.

Finally, the day came when my mother chose my picture as the favorite. My brother never drew again, but I, on the other hand, was inspired to keep sketching.

Art became my passion, prompting me to want to be the very best that I could be. That is how I became an artist!